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Pollinator-friendly planting by Landscape Architect Dave Ryan, designer for Limerick’s Roundabouts Project.

With funding from the Heritage Council and as part of Limerick’s European Green Leaf Year, Limerick City and County Council has commissioned a series of stunning, pollinator-friendly landscaping schemes for eight of the city’s more prominent roundabouts, these are: Kilmallock Road, Tipperary Road, Green Park, Moylish and Corbally Road, Clondrinagh, Ballycummin and Roxborough. Two roundabouts in Newcastlewest have also been included in the project.

The designs, which are all unique, are intended to reflect the character of their settings, with the more rural roundabouts incorporating native species, while more formal designs, based on pollinator-friendly perennials, have been chosen for the more urban locations. The landscape design drawings for the roundabouts can be viewed and downloaded below.

Sincere thanks to Dave Ryan, Landscape Architect, and Anne Goggin, Limerick City and County Council, for allowing us to share these planting plans. 

Thanks also to Peter Cuthbert for advising on this project.


Limerick City Roundabout Specifications and Maintenance Plans

Roxborough Roundabout

Tipperary Road Roundabout

Kilmallock Road Roundabout

Ballycummin Roundabout

Clondrinagh Roundabout

Greenpark Roundabout

Moylish and Corbally Road Roundabouts

Newcastle West Roundabouts

Newcastle West Roundabout Specifications and Maintenance Plans

Arra Roundabout, Newcastle West

Old Pike Road Roundabout, Newcastle West


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