On this page you will find everything you need to take action for pollinators. All of the resources, guidelines, planting lists, flyers, signage and posters on this page are free to download and use. 

If you want professionally printed copies of the resources or signs, you can find a price list and contact details for our printing company here: All-Ireland Pollinator Plan Resource Price List May 2022

Alternatively, you can download the resource you want and have it professionally printed with a company of your choice.

All of the evidence-based resources developed in the first phase of the AIPP 2015-2020 still stand. Where necessary, they will gradually be updated and edited to reflect the new 2021-2025 phase.

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Guideline Documents:






Rare Species Guides:



Flyers & Pollinator-friendly Plant Lists:




Signage Templates:

If using these signage templates on public land in the Republic of Ireland, please use the bilingual version, which has been deemed compliant by An Coimisinéir Teanga with the Regulations made under the Official Languages Act. Find out more about using Pollinator Plan signage templates here



If you want to add your own logo, website, or QR code to the ‘Let it Bee’ or ‘Meadow in Progress’ signs, you can download editable versions here:

Let it Bee (English) 

Let it Bee (Bilingual)

Meadow in Progress (English)

Meadow in Progress (Bilingual)


Rare Pollinators Signage Templates

These resources are for use at sites which are managed for rare and endangered pollinators: the Great Yellow Bumblebee, the Northern Colletes Bee, the Large Carder Bee, and the Forester Moth. Please make sure these pollinators are present in your area before using these signs.





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