I want to help pollinators. Where do I start?

You’ve come to the right place! Our website is full of evidence-based advice and ideas to help you get started. All of our resources are free, and many of them are tailored to particular contexts and settings such as gardens, community groups, businesses, farms, schools, faith communities and sports clubs.

If you’re not sure where to begin, take a look at our ‘Top Ten Ways to Help Pollinators’ page, or click on one of the links on the homepage to find advice specific to your needs. You can find a full list of our free resources on the resources page.


How can I get hard copies of your signs and resources?

We have a large number of resources including signage templates, plant lists, posters and how-to guides. They can all be downloaded for free from the resources page of our website.

Unfortunately, the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan does not have the funding for the printing or distribution of hard copy resources.

You may be able to request hard copies of resources through your local Heritage Officer, however, it is not guaranteed that they will have them in stock.

You can also print any of our resources at home, or send PDFs of the signage templates to your local printing shop to be printed on weather-proof material making the sign suitable for outdoor use.

All of our resources and signage templates are freely available for anyone to use. We are not involved in deciding where signs are erected, or the designation of specific sites managed for pollinators.


Should I use wildflower seed mixes?

Native meadows are disappearing across the island of Ireland. These important habitats are full of flowers that have evolved alongside our pollinators, offering the best source of pollen and nectar.

The best way to encourage native meadows is by mowing less. This allows local, native wildflowers to emerge naturally over time. Wildflower seed mixes and ‘seed ball’ type products usually result in colourful displays of non-native flowers. Sowing them in your lawn will not result in a native meadow. They can also inadvertently introduce invasive species. If you do use them, keep them to a pot or container and do not sow them in the wider landscape.

Find out more: Why we don’t recommend wildflower seed mixes » All-Ireland Pollinator Plan (pollinators.ie)


Can you give a talk or workshop for my group or event?

Unfortunately, we are a very small team and don’t have the capacity to deliver bespoke talks and workshops. However, you are welcome to use one of our recorded talks for your workshop or event. You can find a full list here: Videos » All-Ireland Pollinator Plan (pollinators.ie)