To support the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-2020, we have published two series of documents: Guidelines for different sectors and How-to-Guides for key pollinator-friendly actions. 


            Sectoral Guidelines                          How-to-Guides

Guidelines_Aug_2016      How-to-Guides

Our Pollinator-friendly Planting Code provides lists of pollinator-friendly annuals, perrenials, trees and shrubs.
There are a range of other resources that may be useful to local community groups:
  • Junior Pollinator Plan Download the Junior Pollinator Plan to share with local schools. An Irish language version of the Junior Pollinator Plan is also available on our Resources page.



  • Signage templates: We have an A3 signage template that can be img_20160905_122637543used anywhere you are managing land for pollinators. See our Resources page.



  • TIDY TOWNS Signage: We have a 1×1 ft sign specifically for Tidy Towns groups participating in the Special Pollinator Award. Download the bilingual version for use in the Republic of Ireland here.





  • Pollinator Posters: We have posters of the bumblebee and solitary bee life cycles. You can download the links below to print A3 posters of these educational infographics.

Bumblebee Life Cycle Poster

Solitary Bee Life Cycle Poster


  • Presentation for use:
If you would like to give a presentation about the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, we have prepared this presentation: