Local Communities: Actions to help pollinators Our Planting Code provides lists of pollinator-friendly annuals, perrenials, trees and shrubs. Download the Junior Pollinator Plan to share with local schools. An Irish language version is also available on our Resources page.
Download this How-to-Guide to find out how to manage hedgerows for pollinators. How to create nesting habitat that is perfect for our bees! If you want to increase the diversity of native wildflowers in your community, download this guide on working with wildflower seed.

Gardens in your Community

Some Community Groups work to engage homeowners, and encourage them to ‘pledge’ their gardens for pollinators.
Pledging your garden for pollinators’ means you have chosen to make it a healthy pitstop for pollinators in the landscape. 

By taking some simple actions, you will help to provide much-needed food and shelter for our pollinating insects, while creating a beautiful, colourful garden. 

This publication has been funded by the Local Authority Heritage and Biodiversity Officer Network.

Download the 4-page guide










Useful flyers and pollinator-friendly plant lists:

Reduce mowing to help pollinators. Pollinator-friendly Herbs Pollinator-friendly Garden plants


Guidelines for your housing estate


Some pollinator-friendly shrubs Pollinator-friendly Trees


Plant a pot for pollinators Potaí do Phailneoirí


img_20160905_122637543Signage Templates: Download from www.pollinators.ie/resources











Presentation for use:

If you would like to give a presentation about the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, we have prepared this presentation: