As a Business Supporter you agree to carry out at least ONE pollinator-friendly evidence-based action within the first year, and TWO additional actions within each subsequent year. 

The AIPP is free to join and use all resources.

We will require you to submit a simple, 250-word Annual Review report PLUS mapped actions on Actions or Pollinators (GIS) by 30 September annually. N.B. The AIPP phase III 2026-2030 is already in development.


  • On receipt of your form, logo and GIS registration, your business will be listed on the business supporters section of
  • You will receive the AIPP Business Supporter logo and a Certificate of Participation for display on site, on line and in sustainability reporting.
  • WATCH OUT for our monthly AIPP Business Supporters newsletter direct to your in-box – this is how we will communicate with you.


Things to Bee Aware of..

Wildflower Seed Mixes – sowing wildflower seed mixes is NOT a biodiversity action

  • Many wildflower seed mixes are non-native seed and may contain invasive species such as Black Grass – potentially devastating for our agricultural land. Native wildflower seed mixes may contain a high percentage of annuals and will therefore need re-sown next year. The AIPP recommends allowing wildflowers to grow naturally through a reduce-mowing regime. To sow wildflower seed mixes is NOT a biodiversity action, it is a horticultural action. Make the distinction. READ MORE HERE
  • To create small natural wildflower areas/meadows choose a specific mowing regime. REMEMBER to cut and lift the cuttings thereby reducing soil fertility and allowing our native wildflowers to grow naturally. To create a meadow on your business site review the Meadow guidelines.
  • CORPORATE GIFTS: Wildflower seed mixes (bulk/ seed packets/ seed ball type products are NOT considered helpful to the island’s landscape. Please consider herbs, bulbs or perennials if you are gifting/sponsoring to staff/suppliers or guests/customers. 

Honeybee hives/apiary – this is NOT a biodiversity action

  • To have honeybee hives is NOT a biodiversity action. There is one Honeybee species, a managed pollinator, and NOT under threat on this island. Increased numbers of honeybees may create competition for food in certain areas for wild bees. READ MORE HERE. Wonderful as a hobby in small numbers, if you are thinking of hives please seek expert advice from your local beekeeping association. N.B. All of the national bee keeping associations are Partners of the AIPP.