How can Schools help pollinators?

In 2015, bee experts in Ireland came together to produce the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-2020. We did this because our pollinators, especially our bees, are in big trouble. We need bees in order to grow our fruit and veg, and to make sure our countryside has lots of beautiful wildflowers.

Now we need your help to make Ireland a better place for bees and other pollinators. We need you to tell everyone how important bees are. We also need you to make your school and garden a safe place for pollinating insects to live.




Ballinabranna NS, Milford © Green Bee Education

To learn how to help, download the Junior Version of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan here:   Junior Pollinator Plan

Junior Pollinator Plan (Irish language version)





Other Pollinator Plan Resources for Schools:

  • Our How-to-guide for schools offers simple steps to help you to create your own Pollinator Plan for your school:










 How-to-guide: Develop a Pollinator Plan for your school



Presentations for use when teaching about pollination:

Junior Pollinator Plan presentation

How to create a Pollinator Plan for your school Presentation

Presentation for students to present themselves

Quiz to introduce Pollinator Plan


Dr Saorla Kavanagh introduces Ireland’s wild bees


Blooming Bees: This animation explains why bees are important and introduces the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan


What’s the Buzz about Bees? Find out some of the differences between Bumblebees and Honeybees, and how solitary bees get this name…



Signage templates:

We have an A3 signage template that can be img_20160905_122637543used anywhere you are managing land for pollinators: 

English signage template (PDF)               

Bilingual signage template (PDF)              



Put your school on the map:

If your school has taken any actions to help pollinators, please add your school to our mapping system. 




These A3 posters explain the life cycles of bumblebees and solitary bees. 

Click here to download Bumblebee Life Cycle Poster


Click here to download Solitary Bee Life Cycle Poster


Click here to download poster on Ireland’s 21 bumblebee species



Other useful resources:

For other great resources to help you learn about pollinating insects, see:



In Northern Ireland 32 schools are taking part in Polli:nation, doing amazing things to support pollinators.

Busy Flo and Don’t Mow, Let it Grow:

To watch some great animations about pollinating insects and where they live, and how you can help, see:

Pollinator activity sheet created by Waterways Ireland:

Pollinator activity sheet Waterways Ireland