Signage Templates:




If you want to add your own logo, website, or QR code to the ‘Let it Bee’ or ‘Meadow in Progress’ signs, you can download editable versions here:

Let it Bee (English) 

Let it Bee (Bilingual)

Meadow in Progress (English)

Meadow in Progress (Bilingual)

Rare Pollinators Signage Templates

These resources are for use at sites which are managed for rare and endangered pollinators: the Great Yellow Bumblebee, the Northern Colletes Bee and the Large Carder Bee. Please make sure these bees are present in your area before using these signs.


Note on use of signs

Note on use of signage templates: If using these signage templates on public land in the Republic of Ireland, please use the bilingual version, which has been deemed compliant by An Coimisinéir Teanga with the Regulations made under the Official Languages Act. If adding text or logos, there is no requirement to translate the name of a private company or organisation and logos are also exempted (however translation of straplines is usually required). Care should be used when displaying a Public Body’s name on signage to ensure that it is in compliance with the language Regulations.


Examples of Signs & how they are used



Some groups/organisations have chosen to make metal versions of signs:


These three metal signs were made by


Sign post showing various types of pollinators that can be observed at this site