New Pollinator Plan guidelines for business

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP), implemented by the National Biodiversity Data Centre, is delighted to announce the update of the AIPP resource guidelines Businesses: actions to help pollinators.

These guidelines were first published in 2016, in collaboration with Bord Bia. This new iteration provides further structure to the AIPP evidence-based actions particularly in relation to ‘communications and governance’, as businesses increasingly move towards nature-positive.

Sarah Kelly Agri-business officer said:

‘The updated guidelines still provide that ‘entry-level into biodiversity’ feel with 33 very simple, accessible, evidence-based actions for businesses of all sizes and sectors to choose from.

Although the suite of on-site/physical actions remains largely the same, such as reduced mowing, pollinator-friendly planting and elimination or reduction of pesticides, there is an additional focus on managing and enhancing what is already great on site. A new expanded Section 2, communication and governance actions, includes suggestions around: Community sponsorship, to elicit an AIPP evidence-based action, and Procurement of pollinator-friendly products and services. There are also two self-scoring/assessment additions to the guidelines including the new Business Scoring for Pollinators Checklist – a points-based system, and the Car Park Assessment Table (Bronze Silver Gold levels) for business sectors including retailers. We can’t wait to see how All-Ireland Pollinator Plan Business Supporters interact with these self-scoring/assessment mechanisms.’


Deirdre Ryan, Director of Sustainability and Quality Assurance at Bord Bia Origin Green said:

‘We have supported the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan since its inception and continue to provide funding for the Agri-business officer position and marketing collateral. The Businesses: actions to help pollinators guidelines and support available assists our members in their understanding of evidence-based pollinator-biodiversity actions and we are delighted to see this key document come to fruition in 2024.’



Is your business considering a move towards ‘nature-positive’ and the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan in 2024?

As a Business Supporter of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan any size of business can begin or build on their nature-positive business model through a simple step-by-step:

The AIPP is:

AIPP Governance & Evidence bases

  • A 15-member steering group provides oversight of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2021-2025.
  • Actions suggested by the AIPP are evidence-based. This means that scientific studies have shown that they will have a positive impact on biodiversity.
  • The AIPP is also supported by the Irish Pollinator Research Network. We are grateful to this community of academic researchers who continually help improve our knowledge and underpin the advice we provide.