How can you help pollinators in your garden?

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Our bees and other pollinating insects are in trouble. The good news is that you can help by making your garden pollinator friendly. Every garden, no matter its size, can be a haven for hungry pollinators.

To find out how you can help in your own garden, see:  Gardens: actions to help pollinators


Suitable for:  everyone! Actions are suggested for small, medium, large or community gardens, and for gardeners of all skill levels.


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The most important way you can help in your garden is by mowing your lawn less often or leaving patches/strips for wildflowers:

Download the A5 flyer on pollinator-friendly grass-cutting

Put your pollinator-friendly garden on the map!

Have you taken any pollinator friendly actions in your garden? If so, log them on our online mapping system, Actions for Pollinators, to help track the build-up of food and shelter in our landscape (Instructions for logging a garden).

Other Pollinator Plan Resources for Gardeners:


See our Resources page for other useful resources, including our Pollinator-friendly Planting Code  and our How-to-guide on managing hedgerows: How to guide: Hedgerows for pollinators


We have created a one-page document you can print and pass on to the managers of your housing estate:

Download the Pollinator friendly guide for housing estate management

Going shopping for plants for your garden? Why not choose some pollinator-friendly varieties?

To download an A5-flyer with suggestions for pollinator-friendly plants for your garden,  click here

Pollinator-friendly Herbs:

Download the A5 flyer on pollinator-friendly herbs