Pledge your Garden for Pollinators

‘Pledging your garden for pollinators’ means you have chosen to make it a healthy pitstop for pollinators in the landscape. 

By taking some simple actions, you will help to provide much-needed food and shelter for our pollinating insects, while creating a beautiful, colourful garden. 

This publication has been funded by the Local Authority Heritage and Biodiversity Officer Network.

Download the 4-page guide





Every garden, big or small, can become a haven for hungry pollinators. 
To find out how you can help,
download our 16-page guideline booklet

Please add your garden to our map!
Visit: Actions for Pollinators
This helps us to track pollinator-friendly sites across our landscape.


Useful flyers and pollinator-friendly plant lists:

Reduce mowing to help pollinators. Pollinator-friendly Herbs Pollinator-friendly Garden plants


Our Planting Code lists flowers, trees, shrubs bulbs, climbers. How-to-guide on pollinator-friendly hedgerows. Guidelines for your housing estate


Some pollinator-friendly shrubs Pollinator-friendly Trees


If you would like to print a sign for your garden, see our range of signs to download HERE 



Plant a ‘Pot for Pollinators’

You don’t even need a garden to help our struggling pollinators! By planting up a ‘pot for pollinators’ for your patio or balcony (or a window box), with pollen-rich flowers, you will provide much-needed food for our pollinating insects. This simple guide, funded by Galway County Council, outlines how to plant up a pot that will attract lots of grateful pollinators!

Need help logging your garden on our mapping system?

Hopefully this guide will help:

Gardens: Tips to help you log your site