Missed the webinar? Catch up on ‘Pathways to pollinator-biodiversity’ for supply chains

Review at your leisure Origin Green’s ‘Pathways to Pollinator-biodiversity’ webinar series.

These 2023 webinars provide processors and agri-business and other stakeholders with guidance on helping farm suppliers/growers to support pollinators and wider biodiversity on their land.

Webinar 2 (July 2023) Origin Green Webinar – Pathways to Pollinator – Biodiversity Farmland Management to Measurement (2) on Vimeo

  • 01:00-23:00 – Dr Saorla Kavanagh, Project Manager, ‘Protecting Farmland Pollinators’ – developing a whole farm scoring system for farmer suppliers.
  • 45:30-1:05:00 – John McHugh, County Laois Organic Dairy Farmer, Origin Green Quality Assurance verified and EIP ‘Protecting Farmland Pollinators’ participant.
  • 23:30-45:00 – Dr Michelle Larkin, Project Manager, Irish Pollinator Monitoring Scheme (IPoMs).

Webinar 1 (April 2023) Origin Green Webinar: Pathway’s to Pollinator-Biodiversity –Processor/Agri-business Actions to Support Farm Suppliers Recording on Vimeo

  • 01:08 – 21:30 AIPP Farmland Actions: Ruth Wilson, Farmland Officer at AIPP – Top 5 actions to help farmland pollinators.
  • 22:00 – 36:00 AIPP Business Supports: Sarah Kelly, Agri Business Officer at AIPP.
  • 37:00 – 54:00 Origin Green Member Experience – ABP: John Durkan, Environmental and Sustainability Manager at ABP Food Group.

The basis of much of this work is centred around the AIPP Farmland: actions to help pollinators a series of evidence-based actions for farm suppliers and growers. READ MORE HERE: Farmland » All-Ireland Pollinator Plan (pollinators.ie)

PIC: Ruth Wilson – Buff tailed bumblebee on common knapweed