Pollinators are important for growing insect-pollinated crops, fruit and vegetables; for the health of our environment and for the economy. 

Farmers recognise this importance, but farmland has experienced wide-scale loss of pollinators over the last 50 years. In Ireland we have over 100 wild bee species, one third are threatened with extinction. 

Native flowering hedgerows, field margins and non-farmed areas can provide pollinators with the food and resources they need to survive and thrive. In return, these important insects provide farmers with vital pollination services, ensuring good yields of crops and contributing to the farm’s productivity and resilience. 

The solutions are simple, low cost, and often save money. In these pages you will find information about pollinators you might find on your farm, and resources with evidence-based advice on how to help them.  

Protecting our pollinators is a challenge for everyone, not just farmers, but farmers can play a leading role in making our island a place where pollinators can survive and thrive.  

Take a look at the Farmland: actions to help pollinators guideline, or click on one of the links in the menu to find other resources and information about our work with farmers. 

For a summary of how you can help pollinators on your farm, take a look at this short video.