On this page you will find everything you need to take action for farmland pollinators. All of the resources, guidelines, flyers and posters on this page are free to download and use. 

If you want professionally printed copies of the resources or signs, you can find a price list and contact details for our printing company here: All-Ireland Pollinator Plan Resource Price List May 2022

Alternatively, you can download the resource you want and have it professionally printed with a company of your choice.

Farmland: actions to help pollinators 


Try the ‘pollinator-friendly farming’ online training course 



How-to-guide: Hedgerows for Pollinators


A Hedgerow Through the Seasons


Benefits of Hedgerows


How to plant a Hedgerow for biodiversity

Seasonal actions for Pollinators

Spring farmland actions for pollinators

Summer farmland actions for pollinators

Autumn farmland actions for pollinators

Winter farmland actions for pollinators

Food for pollinators on the farm


How-to-guide Traditional Orchards and Fruit Trees for Pollinators on the Farm



Celebrating Ireland’s meadows 

How to create solitary bee nest sites on your farm

Native Pollinator-friendly Trees

Bumblebees of Ireland

Solitary Bees of Ireland

Hoverflies: six species common on farmland

Moths: six common farmland species 


Ireland’s Biodiversity Learning Platform

A series of free online courses where you can learn about Ireland’s Bumblebees, Farmland hoverflies, Farmland birds, etc. 

Biodiversity on your Farm

Find out more about the species you are likely to find on your farm. A simple recording initiative – no experience necessary.