The Forester (Adscita statices) is a beautiful green-blue, jewel-coloured moth that flies from late May until the end of July. It can be found in a range of habitats from uncultivated damp grassland to fens and the margins of coastal wetlands. The larvae feed on Common Sorrel and Sheep’s Sorrel while the adults feed on the nectar of many species of flowering plant. It has undergone widespread decline due to habitat loss and changes in land use.

In Ireland, it is relatively widespread although very localised and is becoming increasingly restricted to coastal locations.

An all-island partnership was established to provide resources to help protect this moth, led by Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland, the National Biodiversity Data Centre, MothsIreland, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Three resources have been produced to help land managers protect the Forester Moth. These are free for you to download and use:


Guideline document: Protecting rare pollinators: Forester













Forester poster or information board:


Forester sign template: