Protecting rare pollinators: Helping the Large Carder Bee in your local community

The Large Carder Bee (Bombus muscorum) is a species of bumblebee, also commonly known as the Moss Carder Bee. Bombus muscorum is listed as Near Threatened in the Irish Red List of Bees (2006) and as Vulnerable in the European Red List of Bees (2014). Unfortunately, the most recent data from the All-Ireland Bumblebee Monitoring Scheme shows an ongoing decline in the species.

We are delighted to launch the third guideline in our ‘protecting rare pollinators’ series. This one identifies how local communities can come together to protect this beautiful Irish bumblebee.

Visit the Large Carder Bee webpage to learn more, and to download the new guideline document as well as Large Carder Bee signage templates.