New Pollinator Research in 2023

In 2023, an incredible 30 scientific papers on pollinators were published by Irish researchers. These scientists are part of the Irish Pollinator Research Network. Their work underpins the objectives, actions and recommendations of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

The 2023 publications cover many important topics, from grassland management, to how bees respond to changes to weather, what we know about cuckoo bumblebees, emerging threats, and how pollinators are being impacted by pesticides.

A thriving body of research is essential

A thriving body of pollinator research is essential if we are to properly understand these important insects. These studies reveal details of pollinator behaviour, populations, and information about what threatens them. This helps the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan provide up to date advice on what pollinators need and how to help them, grounded in the latest evidence. 

Some of these papers are summarised by their authors on the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan blog as part of the ‘Dispatches from Researchers’ series.

Find a full list of the studies, and links to some of the papers, here: Irish-Pollinator-Research-Network_publications-2023.pdf ( 

For a further list of pollinator publications by Irish researchers, find a list of papers from 2016-2022 here: Irish-Pollinator-Research-Network_publications-2016-2022.pdf (

Pic: Elena Zioga

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Irish-Pollinator-Research-Network_publications-2023.pdf (

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