Top 10 Pollinator-friendly Plants for Different Situations

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is delighted to release a new free resource: ‘Top 10 Pollinator-friendly Plants for Different Situations‘.

Developed in collaboration with Dr Noeleen Smyth of Horticulture UCD, the booklet contains 24 lists of native and non-native pollinator-friendly plants that are suitable for different situations including gardens, roundabouts, hanging baskets, and ponds.

The booklet was launched on Saturday 15th April in Harold’s Cross, Dublin, as part of the ‘How Urban Communities can Help Pollinators’ workshop run by the National Biodiversity Data Centre in collaboration with HX Grow and Dublin City Council.


Nectar and pollen-rich plants

All-Ireland Pollinator Plan co-founder Dr Una Fitzpatrick said: 

“We’re thrilled to be releasing ‘Top Ten Pollinator-friendly Plants for Different Situations’, and would like to thank Dr Noeleen Smyth of UCD Horticulture for developing it with us. One of the main threats to pollinators in Ireland is the lack of food, so it’s really important that our landscape provides plenty of nectar and pollen-rich plants to help them survive and complete their life cycles.

Native plants are the better option, so the first part of the guide focuses on native wildflowers, trees and shrubs, and hedgerows, with advice on how to grow and manage them for pollinators. However, there is also a place for non-native, ornamental plants in the right settings, so the second part of the guide looks at non-native ornamental species in different situations like coastal areas, acid and alkaline soils, and urban containers.

Each list includes advice on how to grow and look after your plants, and when you can expect them to flower. We hope this guideline is a useful tool for anyone wanting grow pollinator-friendly plants, whether you have a meadow, a garden, or even just a window box!”



Download the free PDF here:

Top 10 Pollinator-friendly Plants for Different Situations




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Top 10 Pollinator-friendly Plants for Different Situations

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This flyer is one of many free resources offering guidance on how to help pollinators in different contexts. A full list of downloadable flyers, guidelines, plant lists and signage templates can be found here: Resources » All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 


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