Residents’ Associations: Actions for Pollinators

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is delighted to release a new free resource: a booklet with guidance on how residents’ associations can help pollinators.

Residents’ Associations Actions for Pollinators – download free booklet here.

Food, Safety, and Shelter

Across the island of Ireland, wild bees are in trouble due to the loss of habitat that gives them food and shelter. The solution is simple: we need to change the way we manage our landscape. Residents’ Associations can make a huge difference for pollinators in local areas by helping to create a network of habitats where pollinators can survive and thrive. 

A pollinator-friendly community provides food in the form of pollen-rich flowers, shelter for nesting, and safety from harmful chemicals such as pesticides. 

The booklet includes a list of top ten actions for pollinators, details of common species to spot, and a calendar of flowers that will provide colour and pollen across the year.


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Residents’ Associations Actions for Pollinators – download free booklet



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