Launch of framework for businesses to help pollinators

November 2016: Guidelines and a Framework for how businesses can support the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan are now available. “Businesses: Actions to Help Pollinators” is the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan’s third set of guidelines describing how different sectors can help implement pollinator friendly actions. These guidelines were produced in collaboration with Business in the Community Ireland and Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme. The 18 pollinator friendly actions suggested count towards the ‘Biodiversity Element’ of Key Target Area, ‘Manufacturing Processes’ for Origin Green Member companies. See our resources page to download the Business Guidelines and learn how your company can sign up to support the Pollinator Plan.  

Business Guidelines Launch (November 2016)

Guidelines for how businesses can support the Pollinator Plan were released in November 2016. This press release was issued by Bord Bia: Business Guidelines Press Release
NO REPRO FEE - BUSINESS - 17/11/2016 -Calling all Irish Businesses to Help Save the Bees! -Irish businesses are being called on to take action in helping to save the bees. The National Biodiversity Date Centre and Bord Bia have launched a Framework for Businesses as part of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, which identifies actions that companies can take to help protect pollinators and the livelihoods of farmers who rely on their invaluable pollination service. Companies are being urged to sign up at and implement the planÕs business guidelines. The guidelines, launched today, suggest 18 practical actions that any business can take in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Pictured with an insect hotel that provides shelter for insects and is an example one of the practical actions a business can take are Dr. Jane Stout, deputy chair of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan Steering Group and Jim OÕToole, Bord BiaÕs director of sustainable development. Picture Gary O' Neill
Picture by Gary O’ Neill