Interreg Europe produce new video on the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

The aim of the Interreg Europe PROGRESS project is to initiate a process of policy change towards the conservation of biodiversity and the maintenance of nature’s capacity to deliver the goods and services that we all need.

The 2nd video of PROGRESS Good Practice is dedicated to the All‐Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP), an island‐wide (Ireland and Northern Ireland) attempt to reverse declines in pollinating insects (primarily bees and hoverflies). It has been developed in recognition that the decline of pollinators is a serious problem which requires immediate attention to ensure the sustainability of food production, avoid additional economic impact on the agricultural sector and protect the health of the environment.

With the launch of this practical video, Interreg PROGRESS, with its Irish partner Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly, is building on the work already done by the AIPP and its partners to contribute to the wider #EUpollinators initative.  The AIPP framework is an exemplary resource which can be easily transferred to other jurisdictions with a view to raising awareness of the economic, environmental and social value of the regulating services provided by pollinators.

According to Dr. Úna Fitzpatrick, Senior Ecologist at the Irish National Biodiversity Data Centre and Coordinator of the AIPP: “The animation is really excellent…We are thrilled that you have promoted the AIPP in this way”


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