How Car Parks can Help Pollinators

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is delighted to release a new free resource: a flyer with guidance on how car parks can be managed to help pollinators.

Car Parks for Pollinators: Download free flyer here

Pollinator Pitstops

Across the island of Ireland, wild bees are in trouble due to the loss of habitats that provide them with food and shelter. The solution is simple: we need to change the way we manage our landscape. 

Car parks don’t immediately spring to mind as places that can support these important insects. But easy changes in management can turn them into crucial pollinator pitstops, whether in a business park, industrial estate, or shopping centre. 

A pollinator-friendly car park provides food, shelter, and safety from pesticides. Beds, planters and hanging baskets with pollinator-friendly plants such as heathers, Lavender, Bidens and Bacopa provide a good supply of nectar for visiting insects and colour for car park users. 

If the car park has grassy areas, reducing mowing to even once every 4-6 weeks can save money and allow native wildflowers to emerge naturally over time. 

Native flowering hedgerows and trees offer food and shelter. Earth banks and dry stone walls can provide valuable nesting habitats for solitary bees.

This flyer is one of many free resources offering guidance on how to help pollinators in different contexts. A full list of downloadable flyers, guidelines, plant lists and signage templates can be found here: Resources » All-Ireland Pollinator Plan


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Car parks for pollinators – download free flyer


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