Celebrating Meadows: new free resources

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is delighted to release four new free resources celebrating the importance of native meadows to our wild bees, and how to protect them.




Native meadows are one of Ireland’s most important habitats. They support a huge number of species above ground and in the soil. In the last few decades these fragile habitats have been disappearing fast.

One third of Ireland’s wild bees are in decline because of a loss of habitats like meadows which contain the native wildflowers they need to survive. Protecting, managing, and restoring meadows are among the best ways you can help these important insects.

The Celebrating Irish Meadows flyer tells you more about what you might find in a native Irish meadow.

The How-to guide: Creating and Restoring Meadows in Local Communities and Gardens, tells you everything you need to know about encouraging and managing these important habitats at home and in your community. 

Whether you have acres of land, a local park, a garden or just a small patch of grass, you can help wild bees by creating areas of wildflower meadow.

We are also releasing two new signage templates explaining the importance of meadows and what they might look like at different times of year. Huge thanks to Temple Manor Wilkins Residents’ Association, Woodstown Village Residents’ Association, and South Dublin County Council for their help in developing these signs, which you can download for free here:

Let It Bee

Meadow In Progress



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