Bee Art/Photography Twitter Competition for kids


Congratulations to the six winners of our competition, and thank you so much to everyone for all your fabulous entries!



About the Competition:

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is running a kids’ art/photography competition for the best photographs/drawings of Ireland’s bees. 

Take a photograph in your garden of a bee visiting a flower or draw a picture and tweet your entry to us @PollinatorPlan before March 31st 2020 to enter.

Include our website on your drawings and we might use them to help us promote our plan. And please include your name, age and what county you’re from.

We have 6 wildlife books and 6 Bumblebee swatches for the winners: 

Drawing: Under 7;  Age 8-12

Photography: Under 7; Age 8-12

Follow us on Twitter @PollinatorPlan to find out more and to enter.


Entries are arriving for this competition, here are some of the lovely entries received to date:

By Bobby Clancy, Age 8, Co. Tipperary

By Cait Clancy, Age 6, Co Tipperary

By Cáit McCarthy, Age 9, Co. Clare

By Donncha Clancy, Age 4, Co. Tipperary

By Naoise, Age 8, Co. Cork


Playdoh bee in garden, by Neasa McCarthy, Age 7, Co. Clare

By Seoirse, Age 5, Co. Dublin

By Seoirse, Age 5, Co. Dublin

By Fionn O’Sullivan, Age 8, Co Waterford

By Maeve Harrison, Age 8

By Saoirse Moynihan, Age 7

By Rian Moynihan, Age 9

By MaryAnn Hanley, Age 7

By Shane McCarthy Age 6, Co. Clare

By Peter, Age 4, Co. Kildare

By Ella, Age 6, Co. Wexford

By Kara Farrell, Age 10, Co. Offaly

By Doireann Bruton, Age 9

By Dani Jennings, Age 9, Co. Clare

By Kate, Age 12, Co. Kerry

By Kate, Age 12, Co. Kerry

By Ula, Age 6, Co. Dublin

By Rusne, Age 8, Co. Dublin

By Amy, Age 9


By Alissa, Age 8