88% of Irish people believe government hasn’t done enough to help save bees

On September 3rd, Market Research Agency iReach Insights published results of their survey on Irish attitudes to bees. Their research included a nationally representative survey on 1,000 adults in Ireland to discover how they feel about bees and measures that have been taken to help save them. 

Key findings:

  • 88% of individuals believe the Irish government has not worked sufficiently to help save the bees.
  • 38% of people have personally taken measures to help save the bees.

Top 3 measures people have taken to help save the bees:

1. Planting different flowers that bees prefer (69%), 

2. Reducing the use of pesticides (56%), 

3. Telling friends and family about the importance of bees (50%).


  • 75% are aware that bees are threatened with extinction.
  • People are interested; however, the efforts have been limited with 62% of people not taking measures to save bees and of that percentage, 18-34 years 68%, 35-54 years 61%, and 55+ years 50%. This is showing older groups are most likely to care for bees.
  • 37% of individuals feel as though bees contribute €1-€10 million and 20% believe that they contribute un €1 million annually to the Irish economy. The National Biodiversity Data Centre reveals that pollinators contribute €53 million to the Irish Economy each year.
  • With 87% of people believing bees contribute to the economy, there are some areas people feel the government must improve on. 72% feel the government must educate more people on the benefits of bees and how they can help, 69% desire the use of fewer and less harmful chemicals to kill weeds and insects, and lastly, 63% want more flowers planted in the park.

This information was taken from a press release issued by iReach Insights.

For more, see https://ireachinsights.blogspot.com/2018/09/88-of-individuals-believe-irish.html