‘Managed for Wildlife’ signage templates now available

September 2016: Signage templates are now available! We have an A3 signage template that can be img_20160905_122637543 used anywhere you are managing land for pollinators. Download the template and if desired add the logos of your organisation and/or sponsors. There are two versions of the template (available in PDF and JPEG format): English signage template (PDF)                     English signage template (JPEG) Bilingual signage template (PDF)                    Bilingual signage template (JPEG) NOTES FOR USING SIGNAGE TEMPLATES: If using these signage templates in the Republic of Ireland, the bilingual version has been deemed compliant by An Coimisinéir Teanga with the Regulations made under the Official Languages Act. If adding text or logos there is no requirement to translate the name of a private company or organization and logos are also exempted (however translation of straplines is usually required). Care should be used when displaying a Public Body’s name on signage to ensure that it is in compliance with the language Regulations.