How can Businesses help Pollinators?

We all depend on the important eco-system service provided by pollinating insects such as Bumblebees and Solitary Bees. Unfortunately, our pollinators on this island are in catastrophic decline.

Businesses can lead the way in creating an island where pollinators can thrive. These guidelines are an entry level into biodiversity on any site and can provide key steps towards a nature-positive business model.

To sign up and use all resources is free. Find out how to make your business site pollinator-friendly review: Businesses: actions to help pollinators guidelines.

Suitable for: large multi-site corporates, SMEs and micro-enterprises.

Features of the Business Guidelines: 

  • Range of 18 low/no-cost pollinator-friendly actions provided to suit all types of business.
  • Pollinator-friendly planting lists.
  • Sectoral guidelines: solar, wind, transport corridors etc.
  • Information about our pollinators, why they are declining and what they need to survive.
  • Important advice on choosing alternatives to wildflower seed mixes.
  • Important advice on choosing alternative actions to honeybee hives.

Partners, Supporters and Business Supporters

Review who is participating in the AIPP: Partners, Supporters, Business Supporters.

Look who’s mapping on Actions for Pollinators. Mapping of evidence-based actions on our GIS system provides the National Biodiversity Data Centre with vital data on the build-up of food and shelter in our landscape. Review ‘how to map’ HERE.

Keen to discover which biodiversity is already on or adjacent to your site? Review Biodiversity Maps.

No physical footprint? No problem. There are lots of communication actions to consider.

NOTE: The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan Business Framework is fully inclusive, allowing any business to sign up to take actions for pollinators. Registration with the AIPP does not equate to product or service endorsement.