Bulbs for Bees – A Gaisce award challenge


A National Challenge, a Crucial Goal

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is honoured to support Gaisce in a campaign to celebrate their 35th anniversary. To mark this milestone, Gaisce identified a special challenge to help Ireland’s biodiversity.

Gaisce are asking everyone in Ireland to plant pollinator-friendly bulbs to help safeguard the future of our vital bee population. It’s that simple! As we know, one third of our 98 wild bee species are threatened with extinction in Ireland. Early spring is when many of these wild bees come out of hibernation and need to safely establish their nests for the year. It takes lots of energy to do this succesfully. Unfortunately, our modern landscape no longer has many early flowering plants, making it a very difficult for them to find enough food.

Everyone can help by planting pollinator-friendly bulbs. Species like Crocus and Grape Hyacinth in our schools and gardens will provide vital resources for hungry pollinators. These bulbs flower early and are very rich in pollen and nectar. You can also plant Allium bulbs to flower later in summer.

Bulbs are a fantastic and sustainable way to help. By making the effort to plant bulbs this September, they will pop up each spring over the coming years to support our struggling pollinators. You don’t even have to have a garden to take on this challenge. Whatever patch you have will help our vital bee population. From a pot on your windowsill, to a planter by the front door, all you have to do is dig a hole to make a difference.

As part of this amazing initiative packs are being sent to all post primary schools in the country….each with 50 bulbs inside!

Find out more by visiting: https://www.gaisce.ie/bulbsforbees/

Help promote the campaign by sharing that you’ve taken part in the biggest pollination project this country has ever seen #BulbsForBees @GaisceAward